4 Seasons Backcountry

Full Chalet Catering

 Die / La Motte-Chalançon/Nyons

Van Assisted

5 Riding Days

Booking : Minimum 3 Riders

Airport Transfer Included

Beautiful Landscapes

7 Nights

3000 m Descent/ Day

1399 € / Week
399 € / Weekend

All Included

4 Seasons Backcountry


This holiday is surely one of the most physical and natural trip. You will ride on dry and rocky terrain through extraordinary Provencal landscapes. Unique singletracks and famous places like the descent of Mont Ventoux.
The natural national baronnies parc will be our playground.

Local specialities like clairette, olive oil, wine, and local beer will amaze your senses. You have to be a good rider in enduro skill, a lot of rocky sections and slippery dry grounds  throught the forestss are waiting for you!!
If you  are a technical rider and fit, this trip is made for you

Important Information

This trip ventures into some remote areas and encounters some technical, steep and committing riding. You should be a very experienced rider, used to riding natural mountainous trails with confidence. You do not need to be comfortable or capable of riding “bike park’ style features Like jumps or drops-these man-made features are not generally found on our trips.

A good quality Enduro style bike (that’s something with 5’/13Omm minimum of travel), high volume Tyres (2.3*+) and knee/elbow pads with integral helmet (or switchable) are required for this trip.

What is included : 

  • 7 Nights of Chalet or Hotel Accommodation in shared rooms
  • 7 High Quality Evening Meals
  • Buffet Breakfast each Day
  • Packed Lunch each Day
  • 6 Days of Guided Riding
  • Van gravity assisted Support
  • Bike Tools and Workstand
  • Secure Bikes Storage

What is not included :

  • The services of the Work-shop
  • Lunch and Evening Meal the staff Day off (Wednesday)
  • All expenses outside the cottage

Extra options :

  • Shockwiz suspension tuning system will allow you to find the best setting of your bike for the week and after. Our qualified guides will help you to fit the shockwiz and set your bike.
  • Skill coaching the day off (wednesday), you have difficulties when it’s time to ride a beautiful trail with a lot of switchbacks (tight corner), or may be you just want to improve your technical skill with a pro coaching guide and get more confidence on your bike, it’s possible!!
  • Secret trails is powered by Run Bike Import (famous bike shop), big choice of components will be available at the workshop with discount prices for our customers.

Total :
1399 € /Week
399 € / Weekend

Deposit :

Start Point:

  • La Motte Chalançon
  • Arriving on Saturday

Finish Point:

  • La Motte Chalançon
  • Departing on Saturday

Nearest Airport:

  • Marseille

Ability Level:

“Good to Very good” You should be an advanced rider, very experienced in riding natural technical terrain in mountainous areas. Black graded trails should pose Little or no problems for you.
you will ride slippery dry  grounds

Fitness Level:

“Very Good to Expert” Some started point require pedaling ascension and hiking

week statistics

Average distance 125km
  • 3000 m ascent
  • 15000 m Descent
Fitness Level : 5 to 6 - Very Good to Expert
Technical Level: 4 to 5 -Good to Very good
Rate of naturals singletracks : 95%

The Program

  • Day 0 : Saturday     Transfer  ( Arrival )
  • Day 1: Sunday          Vercors/Diois
  • Day 2: Monday        Vercors/Diois
  • Day 3: Tuesday        Baronnies
  • Day 4: Wednesday  Day Off
  • Day 5: Thursday      Baronnies
  • Day 6: Friday            Mont Ventoux
  • Day 7: Saturday       Transfer ( Departure )

The Provence Tour takes place from September to November and April May.

Contact us to confirm your booking :