Provence Backcountry Ride : Enjoy your ride !

Volcano Guided Enduro tour can be illustrated with
the video made by Sterling Lorence / Anthillfilms and powered by Shimano in Reunion Island

Cheaper holidays do exist but better value ones do not!

We only take up to seven guests a week and you’ll have more support than most pro riders.We believe the best way to experience our singletrack trails is by riding in small groups guided by one of our team of experienced guides. We have up to 2 guides available for a group of 7 riders, meaning we are able to offer guiding to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness levels every week and we can guarantee that you’ll always ride in a group that suits you. We are only able to do this because we have a team of highly-experienced, professionally-qualified guides. This costs us a lot more than just doing one-man-band guiding, but it means you can be sure of a great riding experience, without feeling like you’re always waiting for other riders or that you’re holding stronger riders up. It’s not unusual for us to have just one or two riders with their own guide if that’s what it takes to make the trails flow for everyone.

The meals are delicious and  comes from the local market, elaborated by a starred chef. Mulebar products supports us by offering cereals and energy bars/Drinks  BIO & Vegans.

Our main goal is to transmit our passion for mountain biking by accompanying you on the most beautiful traces of the region. We make groups so that we have a consistent level so that each person gets the most out of their holidays

Guide job is making your week’s biking the best you’ve ever had. A full workshop back at base with a lot of available bike components ( brakes pads/Maxxis tires / Brakes / headsets / wheelsets /Pedals ) and lots of helping hands will always get you back on the road!

The Chalet is perfectly located in the classified village of  Pessey-Nancroix one of the most relaxing places on planet earth,with a jacuzzi and the bike lifts at  150 meters… Do you feel this holiday atmosphere??

So just choose a date and contact us !

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